User Management


What can users do?

All of our paid plans let you invite your co-workers to collaborate on your projects. The table below gives a few examples of what different kinds of users can do.

Project Owner Admin Normal User
Work with errors and uptime X X X
Configure personal alerts, like email X X X
Configure chat, issue tracker and repository integrations X X
Invite and manage users X X
Assign project to a team X
Manage billing X

Inviting Users

You have two options when inviting users. You can invite them...

  • To a project: Inviting a user directly to your project is the easiest route, as long as you only have one or two projects.
  • To a team, which has been assigned the project: This is the best route if you have more than a handful of users and projects.

How to invite a project user

To invite a project user, simply go to "Settings" and click on "Users" in the sidebar. Here, you'll see a form where you can enter their email address.

Your invitee will get an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Invite project collaborator

How to invite a team user

To invite a team user, go to the team page for your project and click on "Team Members" in the sidebar. You'll see a form where you can enter their email address.

Invite Team Member

Not sure which team owns your project? There's a link on "Project Settings" > "Users" page.

Finding the team for a project