Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s awesome when you have complete control of your tools. When you can go from A to Z with just a few keystrokes.

It’s why people love Vim. It’s why we’ve added tons of keyboard shortcuts to Honeybadger.

Cheat Sheets

Each page that has shortcuts also has a popup cheat sheet. You’ll see a button at the bottom left of the page. You can also just press “?”. Keyboard shortcuts 1 dfe261fd52befdb0d2ad6b6e2a2c349ada7dbbc47c52ebd64f3e4a812da215b9

Search Shortcuts

Every project page displays the list of unresolved errors by default. But with just a few keystrokes, you can search for resolved “NoMethod” errors that happened on staging and were assigned to you. Keyboard shortcuts 2 12c85d49a838d354d46f3e5ac61ab7efae53b055d545248b5508436e51a34086 ## Drilldown Shortcuts

When you view an error, it shows you the latest occurrence by default. You can flip through past occurrences with your arrow keys. These one-key shortcuts let you seek to the info you need. Keyboard shortcuts 3 6ca614ee3de21c0a7248483e67b223101542d87533ca5cdac2337ba054aa0282