Tracking Deploys

Honeybadger can keep track of application deployments, and link errors to the version which the error occurred in. Here's a simple curl script to record a deployment:

HONEYBADGER_ENV="production" \ HONEYBADGER_REVISION="git SHA/project version" \ HONEYBADGER_API_KEY="Your project API key" \ curl -g "[environment]=$HONEYBADGER_ENV&deploy[local_username]=$USER&deploy[revision]=$HONEYBADGER_REVISION&api_key=$HONEYBADGER_API_KEY"

Be sure that the same revision is also configured in the honeybadger-js library. Read more about deploy tracking in the API docs.

Tracking Deploys from Laravel Forge

If you are deploying your site with Laravel Forge, you can notify Honeybadger of deployments via Deployment Notifications. Use this format for your webhook URL:

Deploying with GitHub Actions

If your CI/CD pipeline is hosted with GitHub Actions, you can use the Honeybadger Deploy Action to notify our API about deployments.