Sending Events to Insights

Honeybadger's JavaScript library can be used to send events to Insights.

Automatic Log Instrumentation

You can send console logs to Insights either by sending your logs to Honeybadger from your infrastructure or by setting the eventsEnabled flag to true when configuring Honeybadger:

Honeybadger.configure({ // ... eventsEnabled: true });

This will send all log messages to Honeybadger, where they will be displayed in the Insights section of your dashboard.

Manually Sending Events

You can also send events to Honeybadger using the Honeybadger.event method:

Honeybadger.event('button_click', { action: 'buy_now', user_id: 123, product_id: 456 })

The first argument is the type of the event (event_type) and the second argument is an object containing any additional data you want to include.

Example Event from Honeybadger Js

Honeybadger.event can also be called with a single argument as an object containing the data for the event:

Honeybadger.event({ event_type: 'button_click', action: 'buy_now', user_id: 123, product_id: 456 })

A timestamp field (ts) will be automatically added to the event data if it is not provided, regardless of the method overload used to send the event.