Honeybadger for PHP

Hi there! You've found Honeybadger's docs on PHP exception tracking. In these guides we're going to discuss honeybadger-php and how to use it to track exceptions in your PHP applications.

How You Should Read the Docs

  • If you're installing Honeybadger in your Laravel application for the first time, check out the Laravel Integration Guide. If you use a different framework, start with the General Integration Guide instead.
  • The How-To Guides (in the left-hand navigation menu) are general guides on how to do things with the library, and should apply to all types of applications.
  • There is a wealth of additional knowledge about Honeybadger in the Library Reference and Support sections.

Getting Support

If you're having trouble working with the library (such as you aren't receiving error reports when you should be):

  1. Upgrade to the latest version if possible (you can find a list of bugfixes and other changes in the CHANGELOG)
  2. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Run through the Troubleshooting guide
  4. If you believe you've found a bug, submit an issue on GitHub

For all other problems, contact support for help: support@honeybadger.io