Ship your Crunchy Bridge logs to Honeybadger Insights

You can have Crunchy Bridge ship the logs from your Postgres clusters by following their setup instructions.

Use the following values for the logging destination:

Field Value
Port 6514
Template <$PRI>1 $ISODATE $HOST $PROGRAM $PID ${MSGID:--} [honeybadger@61642 api_key=\"Your project API key\"] $MSG\n

You can choose to add additional key/value data to the structured data section of the template. E.g., if you want to add an environment field to the payload, you can specify it after the API key in the template:

<$PRI>1 $ISODATE $HOST $PROGRAM $PID ${MSGID:--} [honeybadger@61642 api_key=\"Your project API key\" environment=\"production\"] $MSG\n