Ship your logs to Honeybadger Insights

Use's log shipper app to ship logs from your apps hosted by First, create a new app config:

# Make a directory for your log shipper app mkdir logshipper cd logshipper # Create the app but don't deploy just yet fly launch --no-deploy --image # Set some secrets. Setting HONEYBADGER_API_KEY enables the shipping of logs to your Honeybadger project. fly secrets set ORG=personal # The org you chose when running "fly launch" fly secrets set ACCESS_TOKEN=$(fly auth token) fly secrets set HONEYBADGER_API_KEY=Your project API key

Edit the generated fly.toml file, replacing the [http_service] section with this:

[[services]] http_checks = [] internal_port = 8686

Then deploy the app:

fly deploy

Once that's done, you should see logs from your apps flowing into Insights. See the docs for more information about using the log shipper app.