1. Select the ClickUp integration

clickup integration

2. Connect via OAuth

An OAuth dialog should appear. Log in to your account and grant access to one or more workspaces. You'll then be redirected back to the integration page.

3. Select workspace and teamspace

Select one of the available workspaces and then a teamspace.

4. Select a list (or folder first)

If the task list you are looking for is in a folder, select that folder first. Task lists that are not in a folder will be immediately listed in the dropdown.

5. Set statuses

After selecting a task list, set the "initial", "resolve", and "reopen" statuses.

6. Tags

Add a list of comma-separated tags you wish to be associated when a task is created.

7. Save

That's it! You can test the integration by clicking "Test". Otherwise, just save it and you're ready to go.