1. Select the GitLab integration

gitlab integration gitlab form

2. Set the repository name

The repository name includes the account or organization name. For example, if your project is hosted at, you'd enter "honeybadger-io/app" for the repo name to connect to that repository.

3. Enter labels (optional)

If you'd like us to label issues we create in GitLab, just enter a comma-separated list of tags here.

4. Enter Server URL and Personal access token (optional)

Our default configuration assumes you are hosting your code at and that we'll use OAuth to connect to your account for creating issues. If you are using a self-hosted version of GitLab, then enter the URL of the GitLab installation and enter a personal access token. We will use that personal access token (generated in the GitLab UI at Settings Access Tokens) rather than OAuth.

5. Save

That's it! You'll be redirected to GitLab to grant OAuth access (if you left the server URL unchanged), or back to the integrations list if you used a custom server URL and a personal access token. Either way, once you're back at the integrations list, you can Edit your new GitLab integration and use the Test button to test creating an issue in your repository.