1. Select the Slack integration

slack integration

When you click on the link to add Slack to your project, you will be redirected to Slack to approve the connection to your Slack team. After you choose the channel to receive Honeybadger messages and click the Authorize button, you will be redirected back to Honeybadger to finish editing the optional channel settings.

2. Save

That's it! You can test the integration by clicking "Test". Otherwise, just save it and you're ready to go.

Interactive messages

Messages about errors include a button to resolve or reopen the error:

Slack notification

The first time you click one of the buttons, you will be given a link that will allow you to connect your Slack account to your Honeybadger account. This connection only needs to be done once, and then you will be able to use the buttons and interact with the bot.

Using the bot

Once you have installed the Honeybadger Slack app, you will have a Honeybadger bot available to your Slack team. You can message the bot directly or you can invite it to join a channel and address it... either way, it understands the following commands:

Command Description
help Get help :)
show project <Project Name> Returns a list of faults that occurred recently in the Project Name project.
show fault <fault #> See details about the requested fault. The fault number can be found in the Honeybadger UI.
resolve fault <fault #> Mark the specified fault as resolved.
reopen fault <fault #> Mark the specified fault as reopened.