1. Select the WebHook integration

webhook integration webhook form

2. Set the URL for your webhook

We'll post notifications to this URL. Make sure to include the protocol: e.g.,

Make sure you have a service running that can accept POST requests, and hopefully do something interesting with JSON payloads like this one:

{ "event":"occurred", "message":"[Crywolf/test] RuntimeError - oops", "fault":{ "id":3151009, "project_id":1717, "klass":"RuntimeError", "component":null, "action":null, "environment":"development", "resolved":true, "ignored":false, "created_at":"2014-01-08T18:55:48Z", "comments_count":1, "message":"oops", "notices_count":9, "last_notice_at":"2014-01-08T19:02:21Z" } }

3. Save

That's it! Hit save and you're good to go.

Event Payloads

The following events are supported by the Webhook integration: