The amount you pay for Honeybadger revolves mainly around how much error traffic your projects report to our API. Read on to find out how quotas work and how to maximize the value you get from Honeybadger.

Error Reporting

Understanding quotas

Your account has a limit on the number of error notifications that it will process per month. This quota varies based on the subscription plan you have chosen for your account, and reporting occurrences of an error to our API consumes your quota. For example, suppose your app sends ten notifications to our API when a user encounters the same bug ten times. In that case, your remaining quota will be reduced by ten.

Whether you pay annually or monthly, quotas reset at the beginning of the calendar month (UTC). If your usage reaches 80% of your quota for the month, and if your projects are consuming the quota faster than the month is elapsing, we will send you notifications about your quota potentially running out. In other words, if you use up 80% of your quota by the 15th of the month, we'll give you a heads-up about that, but if you hit 80% usage on the 27th (87% of a 31-day month), we won't. We'll send you another warning if/when you pass 90% (assuming you don't upgrade first) and again at 100%.

Exceeding your quota

If you hit 100% quota in a month, we will limit your projects to processing only one error notification per minute per project for the rest of the month. Any hits to our API after that one per minute per project will be ignored and won't count against your quota. You can resume standard processing at any time by upgrading your plan to the next tier, and you can avoid getting limited by upgrading before reaching the 100% threshold. Should you upgrade, your bill will be prorated for the new subscription amount based on your billing anniversary. We also prorate downgrades. If you need to upgrade near the end of the month, you can downgrade after the beginning of the month (assuming your error volume won't be as high in the coming month), and you'll only be billed a little extra on your next invoice.

As mentioned, we allow your account to exceed 100% of quota usage. However, we have a hard shutoff at 125% of quota consumption. If you hit that amount, your projects will not process any additional error notifications until you upgrade or until the 1st of the month rolls around. You can avoid the limits altogether by enabling overage billing, which allows you to go over your quota and be billed separately for that overage on the next invoice. Overage billing can work well if your error traffic puts you just over the limit for your plan, but if you are consistently going well past your quota, it will likely be cheaper for you to upgrade to the next tier. Overage charges can get very expensive, so we recommend being careful when enabling that option.

Quota forgiveness

Quotas work well when your error traffic is somewhat consistent, but sometimes, an unexpected spike in error traffic can consume your quota quickly. Having a production database go down, deploying buggy code to a staging environment, or other rarely-experienced scenarios can leave you early in the month without any quota remaining. If this happens to you, please feel free to contact us to get back in action once you've conquered the black swan event. Assuming this kind of thing isn't happening to you regularly 😉, we'll be happy to remove your account limits for the rest of the month.

Limiting your quota usage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? You can help keep your Honeybadger costs down and avoid prematurely consuming your quota by using one or more of the following tips:

  • Use the Throttle field on the Advanced tab of the project settings page to limit how much error traffic is processed. Setting the throttle to 1 will limit that project to accepting only 1 API request per minute.
  • Use a hook in your code to prevent errors you don't care about from being sent to our API. Examples of how to do this can be found in our client documentation — e.g., for Ruby and JavaScript. This method is handy for ignoring errors raised by browser extensions.
  • Mark an error as ignored in our UI. Any future notifications will be discarded entirely, and won't count against your quota.


Daily data limit

Insights usage is measured by the amount of data you send to the API endpoint each day (starting at midnight UTC). Since event and log data can be bursty, we do not immediately limit your traffic once you have reached your quota for the day. Instead, if you consistently go over your quota, you will be prompted to upgrade your subscription. If you do not upgrade or reduce the amount of data you send, then a hard limit will be applied to your account to enforce the Insights quota.

Viewing your quota usage

Please visit the Errors Stats page and the Insights Stats Page in the application to see your error quota usage.